With a unanimous vote by the Board of Directors of the Seminole Economic Development Corp. (SEDC), a Lubbock media company will return to Seminole as a part of its “Our Town Spotlight” promotion, a sort of five-day media blitz by Ramar Communications, parent company of Lubbock’s Fox 34 television and other subsidiaries.The SEDC entered into a similar agreement with Ramar Communications during the summer of 2018. The cost of the production will be shared between the EDC, the Seminole Memorial Hospital District, and the Seminole ISD.The promotion serves a dual purpose of highlighting participating communites within Fox 34’s viewership, and promoting Ramar Communications programming to the public. At a cost of $5,000, the package is designed to reach Ramar’s viewership through six English and Spanish-speaking TVoutlets, promotions on eight English-speaking and Tejano radio stations, and digital marketing entities like Foxs34.com, Facebook, and Google Adwords.The package includes, prior to Spotlight Week, productions of one 30-second TV Chamber commercial, one 15-second internet video, and five spotlight stories focused on local history, tourism, and business, as well as 160 branded TV and radio promotions.Spotlight Week will feature five spotlight stories to run in conjunction with Fox 34’s nightly newscasts, five commerical airings on “Good Day Lubbock”, 25 commercial airings on the company’s English-speaking networks, 120 branded TV promos, 120 radio promos, and targeted display ads and email blasts.After airing, the Chamber of Commerce will receive a digital “welcome” video for tourism and business development use, and digital stories will be available for six months on the “Our Town Spotlight” web page.Air dates are yet to be announced.In the only other single item of business at its meeting Monday, the Board made a change of course with regard to a recently purchased property at 105 S.W. 2nd Street. With no bid offers presented during a sealed bid process, the Board authorized City Administrator Tommy Phillips to proceed with demolition of the property.During his Administrative report earlier in the meeting, he gave the Board updates on progress at the city-owned Singleton Building on Main, ongoing site preparations for the FTC company, and sales taxes. Sales tax receipts were up 27.95% for the month and 24.50% for the year.