Executive Vice President/CEDO:

Eric Voyles

  • We are situated within 500 miles of the geographic and population centers of the US
  • We are at the crossroads of major highways and within 300 miles of the Gulf of Mexico
  • We are convenient to population centers from the Midwest to the Gulf Coast
  • The governments of Texarkana and the northeast region of Texas are known for their collaborative spirit and willingness to work with business
  • Due to a skilled and motivated labor force and low cost of living, staffing produces less of a squeeze on your company’s finances

TexAmericas Center

Total Population: 4,661

Population Within 15 Miles: 149,765

One of the largest rural industrial centers in the Americas, TexAmericas Center brings together an unmatched land resource of nearly 12,000 acres and 3MSF of office, manufacturing, warehouse and storage space. TexAmericas Center, just west of Texarkana, Texas, offers both rail and interstate transportation, abundant natural and human resources, adaptable infrastructure and a climate and culture that understands, appreciates and encourages business growth.


TexAmericas Center has infrastructure in place to support your growing business. We offer capacities that support major utility users. Our utility rates are among the lowest in the country. TexAmericas Center offers existing office, manufacturing, warehouse and storage space with more than 2000 acres of development ready land. TexAmericas Center also offers Build-to-Suit and land purchases, as well as Greenfield construction sites.