Executive Director:

Maureen Hammond

  • Paris has an abundant water supply with an average 22 million GPD capacity available to meet your water consumption needs.
  • Paris is known throughout the region for our strong, successful manufacturing base. Campbell’s Soup, Kimberly Clark, Huhtamaki, and J. Skinner Baking have made significant investments in human capital and property here in Paris, finding their facilities to be more productive at a lower cost.
  • Paris has wage rates well below the national average and the region and our employers experience high labor productivity rates.
  • Cost of living in Paris is also extremely affordable. It is 30% less expensive to live in Paris compared to Dallas.
  • Paris has an aggressive incentive program, and our economic development team is committed to working with companies on a continual basis and serving as a single point of contact for all needs.

Paris Economic Development Corporation

Total Population: 24,807

Population Within 15 Miles: 54,860

Paris, Texas is a community that caters to people who prefer the pace of rural life but want
access to the resources of a more urban environment. Paris is a hub for Northeast Texas, with Loop 286 connecting multiple highways such as 271 and 82 for quick access to Oklahoma as well as Dallas/Fort Worth. Despite its size, Paris is the home to facilities for companies such as Campbell Soup and Kimberly-Clark, both of which have been in Paris for decades.

One of the reasons for the persistent presence of companies such as these is the business
climate in Paris. Our labor and operating costs are some of the lowest in the state, and our local representatives are always eager to help new businesses thrive by working with the PEDC to ensure that all of our resources can be used to their fullest potential.

The low operating costs in Paris are accompanied by the talented manufacturing workforce in
our community. Manufacturing constitutes a higher percentage of our workforce than most other towns in the state, and our labor pool is supplemented by Paris Junior College, which can help tailor training to your business’s needs.

Quality of life is also an important aspect of life in Paris. For a community its size, we have an
assortment of annual events that draw people in from across the nation, such as the Tour de Paris, the Southwest Shoot-Out, and the Balloon and Music Festival. Paris’s public schools are also some of the finest in the region, and Paris is also a hub for healthcare, with Paris Regional Medical Center serving as the medical destination for citizens well outside Paris city limits.

Paris is the home to businesses large and small for a reason. Give us a call at (903) 784 6964 or email us at parisedc@paristexasusa.com and we’ll show you how Paris can serve your business’s needs.