Chief Administrative Officer:

Yvette M.Sanchez

  • No. 1 U.S. Inland Port
  • No. 3 U.S. Port among more than 450 US airports, seaports, and border crossings
  • Largest capacity port infrastructure in the US/MX border
  • Port Laredo is the USMACA preferred choice of entry for manufacturing
  • Best city in the country to start a new business ~ WalletHub

Laredo Economic Development Corporation

Total Population: 265,000+

Population Within 15 Miles: 450,000+

Laredo, Texas is the ideal site for many businesses across a diverse range of industries due to its location, site availability, geographic and logistic advantages, and ample and competitive labor force accessibility.  Laredo, Texas is the No. 1 Inland Port in the U.S., supporting over $205+ Billion in annual international trade, with approximately 15,000 commercial trucks and 2,000 rail crossings daily.  We are best known as a global logistics hub supporting the international supply chain, manufacturing industry, and logistic centers delivering a competitive advantage.

Laredo is the only U.S./Mexico border city strategically positioned at the convergence of all land transportation systems.  Laredo is located on US Interstate Highway 35 (I-35), also known as the NAFTA/USMCA Highway, from Mexico to Canada.   Upon crossing into the US, commercial trucks have the opportunity to take four different highways (I-35, Hwy 59, Hwy 369, and Hwy 83) which fan outwards to the major metropolitan cities and seaports of the United States.  Laredo’s impressive trade infrastructure include two international commercial bridges, one railway international bridge and two Class 1 railways, Kansas Southern City Railroad and Union Pacific.  Location and transportation infrastructure makes Laredo’s conveniently accessible to ship via commercial trucks or railway with fast to market results to U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Laredo has vast site opportunities with well over thousands of acres of developed, partially developed and ready-to-be developed acreage in 50+ industrial parks.  The majority of the industrial developments have the utility infrastructures in place; electricity, gas, water, sewer, and telecommunication.  Every site location has its benefits whether it’s close proximity to international commercial bridges, rail spur, and/or certain interstates.

Laredo, Texas has an international bilingual labor force on both sides of our US/Mexico border.  Texas is a right-to-work state, with majority of our trade industry labor force being nonunionized.  Cost of living in Laredo is 84.0, lower than that of the State of Texas average and U.S.  In additionLaredo was recently recognized as the best city in the country to start a new business by WalletHub.

Our community counts with lucrative and custom City of Laredo, Webb County, and State of Texas, economic development incentives.  The incentives are centered on the amount of Capital Investment and number of jobs created which includes Chapter 312, 380 and 311.