Executive Director:

Brenda Tarpley

  • Centrally and conveniently located to both the DFW Metroplex and Wichita Falls market.
  • 5 major highways intersect in Jacksboro making it attractive for both new and existing business owners.
  • Developing a 177-acre business park adjacent to beautiful Lake Jacksboro.

Jacksboro Economic Development Corporation

Total Population: 4,339

Jacksboro will be an oasis among other cities of Northwest Texas – a vibrant, economically secure community, well known for its natural and historic treasures; a locally led community that absorbs and maintains its growth by hospitality and welcoming nature – while keeping its unique sense of place.

Jacksboro EDC implements their vision, with an emphasis on land use, transportation, entrepreneurship, tourism and the environment, for the purpose of job creation and increasing the wealth of the people of Jacksboro.

The Jacksboro Economic Development Corporation is a willing partner for expanding a growing local business, assisting a new entrepreneurial start-up, or bringing a new business to the community. Job creation is our goal, and we are ready to listen to your ideas and proposals.