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German Rico

  • Port of Harlingen and Port of Brownsville – Part of Foreign Trade Zone 62, one of the largest FTZs in the U.S. and largest in Texas. In the last 3 years, the Port of Harlingen has had a 45% increase in commodities.
  • Port of Harlingen saw a 4.1% increase in 2020 in cargo tonnage,
  • Free Trade International Bridge – Los Indios, Equipped with a USDA lab and inspection facility and brand new cold storage facility. Top exports include gasoline, computer chips, motor vehicle parts, seats, LNG. While top imports include motor vehicle parts, digital storage devices, computer parts
  • Valley International Airport – largest airport in the region with frequent expansions continuing to improve the facility. The airport is also ranked in the top 70 airports in the U.S. for large air cargo ports. In 2020, the airport experienced a 4.1% increase in cargo tonnage.
  • Harlingen’s central location puts us within reach of major highways and interstates, rail access, port access, international crossings, and air travel. We are surrounded by the regional population of 1.4 million on the U.S. side and our location places within 40-minutes of all major points within South Texas.

Harlingen Economic Development Corporation

Total Population: 71,829

Population Within 15 Miles: 300,000

Choose Harlingen for Business

Companies choose to do business here because of our many advantages such as accessibility, proximity to Mexico, vast opportunities for growth, and great support from the city.

Here you can find industries that range from healthcare, aerospace, metal fabrication, auto manufacturing, logistics, and electronic manufacturing to a vibrant historic downtown full of unique shopping and dining options, flavorful family-owned restaurants, boutiques, and cafes. All these businesses share one thing in common, they choose to do business in Harlingen.

Choose Harlingen is their opportunity to tell us more about their company and the work they do here, the products they create, the talent they hire, and why Harlingen is the perfect place to grow their business.


Authentic Community

Beautiful year-round weather, vivid South Texas culture, affordability, and high-quality of-life attract residents to this rapidly growing region. Harlingen provides a small-town atmosphere with access to big amenities, including world-class public schools and superior medical care facilities, which play a vital part in Harlingen’s quality-of-life as well as the economy.

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