City Administrator:

Mayra Cantu

  • Strategic Location: Bartlett, TX, strategically situated in the heart of Texas, offers excellent access to major transportation routes, including highways and railways, facilitating efficient movement of goods and services. Its central location within the state enhances its attractiveness as a logistical hub for businesses looking to reach markets across Texas and beyond.
  • Business-Friendly Environment: Bartlett fosters a business-friendly environment with supportive local government policies and low tax rates, encouraging entrepreneurship and investment. The city’s streamlined permitting processes and pro-business initiatives make it an attractive destination for startups and established enterprises seeking to establish or expand their operations.
  • Diverse Economic Base: Despite its modest size, Bartlett boasts a diverse economic base encompassing agriculture, manufacturing, and services sectors. The city’s resilience stems from its ability to leverage its agricultural heritage while embracing modern industries, such as advanced manufacturing and technology, ensuring sustainable growth and economic stability.
  • Diverse Economic Base: Despite its modest size, Bartlett boasts a diverse economic base encompassing agriculture, manufacturing, and services sectors. The city’s resilience stems from its ability to leverage its agricultural heritage while embracing modern industries, such as advanced manufacturing and technology, ensuring sustainable growth and economic stability.
  • Skilled Workforce: Bartlett takes pride in its skilled and adaptable workforce, equipped with the necessary expertise to meet the evolving demands of diverse industries. The city has goals of collaborating closely with educational institutions and workforce development programs to provide tailored training initiatives, ensuring that local talent remains competitive and aligned with industry needs.

City of Bartlett

Total Population: 1630

Population Within 15 Miles: 950,000

Nestled in the heart of Texas, Bartlett emerges as a beacon of economic dynamism, strategically positioned at the crossroads of major transportation arteries. With its prime location close to the bustling I-35 corridor and convenient access to State Highway 95, Bartlett beckons entrepreneurs, businesses, and investors seeking unparalleled opportunities for growth and prosperity. As a vibrant community straddling the border between Williamson and Bell County, Bartlett offers a unique blend of rural charm and urban convenience, making it an ideal destination for economic development ventures of all scales.

Strategic Location Along the I-35 Corridor

Bartlett’s strategic location close to the I-35 corridor serves as a cornerstone of its economic vitality. Spanning from the Texas-Mexico border to the northern reaches of the United States, I-35 stands as one of the nation’s busiest and most crucial transportation arteries, facilitating the seamless movement of goods, services, and people. Positioned just off this arterial lifeline, Bartlett enjoys unparalleled connectivity to major markets, metropolitan areas, and international trade hubs, propelling it into the forefront of regional economic development.

The city’s proximity to I-35 not only streamlines logistical operations but also enhances accessibility for businesses seeking to establish distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, or regional headquarters. With swift access to interstate commerce, Bartlett serves as a strategic hub for companies looking to capitalize on the vast consumer base spanning Texas and beyond. Moreover, the city’s strategic location fosters collaboration and synergies among businesses, driving innovation, and fostering economic resilience.

Convenient Access via State Highway 95

Complementing its connectivity via the I-35 corridor, Bartlett benefits from seamless access via State Highway 95, further bolstering its accessibility and appeal to businesses and commuters alike. Stretching from the Texas Hill Country to the Oklahoma border, SH 95 serves as a vital artery linking rural communities, urban centers, and key economic hubs. For Bartlett, this thoroughfare serves as a gateway to opportunity, facilitating efficient travel and commerce within the region.

Businesses locating in Bartlett leverage the strategic advantages offered by SH 95, enjoying expedited transportation routes for raw materials, finished products, and workforce mobility. The highway’s accessibility enhances Bartlett’s competitiveness, enabling companies to optimize supply chain logistics, reduce transportation costs, and capitalize on market opportunities with agility and efficiency. Furthermore, SH 95’s role as a regional connector underscores Bartlett’s significance as a pivotal node in the broader economic landscape of Central Texas.

Proximity to the Samsung Plant in Taylor, TX

A mere 20-minute drive from Bartlett lies the sprawling Samsung Electronics manufacturing facility in Taylor, TX, representing a beacon of industrial prowess and technological innovation. Renowned as one of the largest semiconductor manufacturing plants in the United States, Samsung’s presence in Taylor underscores the region’s emergence as a global hub for advanced manufacturing and high-tech industries.

For businesses in Bartlett, proximity to the Samsung plant offers a myriad of strategic advantages and collaborative opportunities. From supply chain integration and subcontracting partnerships to technology transfer and talent acquisition, the symbiotic relationship between Bartlett and Samsung fosters a fertile ecosystem for economic growth and innovation. As Samsung continues to expand its operations and invest in cutting-edge technologies, Bartlett stands poised to capitalize on the ripple effects, positioning itself as a premier destination for businesses at the forefront of technological advancement.

Bridging Williamson and Bell County: The Best of Both Worlds

Situated at the confluence of Williamson and Bell County, Bartlett embodies the essence of diversity and opportunity, seamlessly bridging rural landscapes with urban amenities. This unique positioning endows Bartlett with a rich tapestry of resources, talent, and infrastructure, propelling it into the spotlight as a nexus of economic activity and community vibrancy.

Within Williamson County, Bartlett aligns itself with the bustling metropolitan areas of Round Rock, Georgetown, and Austin, tapping into a robust ecosystem of innovation, education, and cultural diversity. Meanwhile, in Bell County, Bartlett embraces its rural roots, cultivating a close-knit community spirit and agricultural heritage that serves as the bedrock of its identity. By straddling the boundaries of these two dynamic counties, Bartlett offers businesses a strategic advantage, providing access to a diverse labor pool, consumer markets, and business-friendly environments tailored to their unique needs.

In conclusion, Bartlett, TX, stands as a testament to the transformative power of strategic location, connectivity, and collaboration. With its prime positioning along the I-35 corridor, convenient access via SH 95, proximity to the Samsung plant in Taylor, and dual presence in Williamson and Bell County, Bartlett emerges as a premier destination for economic development ventures seeking to thrive in the heart of Texas. As businesses, investors, and visionaries converge upon Bartlett’s doorstep, they embark on a journey of limitless possibilities, propelled by the promise of prosperity, innovation, and community.