The City Of Lockney

City Of Lockney



President: Dan Smith

218 E Locust St, Lockney, TX 79241


Access to hospital


Great learning institutions nearby - Texas Tech, Wayland, SPCC, WTA&M


LISD is committed to student success and is fully supported by the community


LISD has one of the biggest and nicest ag barns


Lockney has some of the best first responders on voluntary fire department and law enforcement

We wish to explore with you the possibility of pursuing an alliance with the city of Lockney to facilitate enhancements your firm could provide to our community. Lockney’s heritage enjoys a nation tradition of supporting unique robust businesses that have sold their products nationwide. Our efforts are going to be enlivened through the recent elections or appointments of a new city manager, mayor, school superintendent, hospital administrator and economic development council.

We are fortunate enough to have a hospital and four doctors who provide excellent healthcare fror the members of this community, as well as for o9ther surrounding cities, including Floydata, Silverton, Matador and Quitaque. A local pharmacist has been able to enhance his business and support the doctors by opening satellite offices in communities surrounding the area.

A new focus on education has been at the forefront recently. The Lockney Independent School District (LISD) has remodeled and updated all three of our institutions over the summer months and added fabricated turf to the football, baseball, and track fields.

Dollar General invested in a brand new store providing everyday essentials and serves as a social and business crossroads or the benefit for our citizens and the pursuit of local commerce.


Total Population


Population Within 15 Miles

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