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Consider Expanding or Relocating Your Business to Texarkana - TexAmericas Center

TexAmericas Center is located along Interstate 30, Texas’ primary freight corridor, just west of Texarkana, Texas in the Texarkana metropolitan area. TexAmericas Center is one of the largest mixed use industrial parks in North America.

Positioned squarely between Dallas, Little Rock, Shreveport and Tulsa, TexAmericas Center offers over 12,000 development ready acres and 3 million square feet of industrial product. TexAmericas Center, a state of Texas redevelopment authority, has the operating capabilities of a municipality, but functions as a not-for-profit development company. Tenants enjoy low utility costs, flexible financing, and a robust labor market with one-stop training services. TexAmericas Center is serviced by AEP Swepco, which currently offers the 5th lowest energy rate in the United States.

TexAmericas Center has recently received the first Texas S.T.A.R site designation for a 101 acre site on their Central Campus. Texas S.T.A.R. Documented Sites (Sites That Are Ready) is a program of the Texas Economic Development Council that verifies sites that meet the required criteria and are fully-documented as Sites That Are Ready for construction to begin. Additionally, TexAmericas Center is proud to offer the lowest property tax rates available throughout Northeast Texas. .

Texarkana is a recognized distribution and manufacturing center of excellence with over 16% of the workforce having manufacturing skills. Texas offers the advantages of being a pro-business, “right to work” state and a low cost multimodal logistics center. The Texarkana region is served by I-30, I-49 and US 59 (future I-69). Rail service is provided by the UP, KCS, G&W and Amtrak. Air Service is provided by the Texarkana Regional Airport and its affiliated hub, Dallas- Fort Worth International; two other regional airports are within driving distance.

TexAmericas Center boasts shovel ready ground with 33 miles of rail, 200 miles of road, existing wet utilities, electrical service and IT infrastructure all within a US Foreign Trade Zone, FTZ#258. Industries that need high value space in the mid-south turn to TexAmericas Center. Understanding our customers’ pressure points and priorities is key to delivering enhanced efficiencies and reduced operating costs so margins and market share can grow. TexAmericas Center provides its customers with innovative, value-driven real estate solutions, including build-to-suit lease backs, in order to meet changing market conditions and facility requirements. Thank you for your interest in the TexAmericas Center.

Capital Investment Sought: $1 to $1b+.

Best Fit for Companies Seeking these Site Selection Factors:
• Available buildings

• Fully served sites – utilities / transportation

• Favorable land costs

• Publicly-owned property with No/few Land use restrictions

• Campus-like environment

• Distance to markets/suppliers

• Financing Assistance

• Low Labor cost

• Low cost of utilities

• Favorable business taxes and regulation

• Right to Work state

• Low natural disaster risk

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