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Kendall County Economic
Development Corporation

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Interim/ President/ CEO
1221 South Main Street Suite 100
Boerne, TX  78006


7 th -fastest growing county in the nation (3 rd in Texas)


Projected growth rate over the next 5 years of 24%


387,192 employable people within a 40 mile drive


147,560 college students within 50 miles of Boerne


Centrally located with convenient interstate access to San Antonio (10 minute drive) & Austin.


51,339 Kendall County Population (Change Total Population to Kendal County)


96,884 City of Boerne (Change Population Within 15 Miles to City of Bourne)

Let Boerne and Kendall County spur your company’s growth where boundless opportunities
exist. Kendall County boasts a population of over 46,000 with a projected growth rate of 24%
over the next 5 years.

Centrally located in the Texas Hill Country, Kendall County is the 3 rd-fastest growing county
in the State of Texas and the 7 th -fastest in the nation with populations over 10,000.

Only 10 miles north of San Antonio on Interstate 10, with convenient highway access to
Austin, Houston, the Texas coast, Dallas, and Mexico, Boerne/Kendall County is also a 30-mile
highway drive to the San Antonio International Airport.

In addition to being situated in a geographically desirable location, Boerne/Kendall County
provides businesses with workforce solutions. The community’s large, accessible workforce
offers local employers access to top talent. Our proximity to San Antonio and other areas of
the Hill Country provide a talent pool of over 387,000 employable people within a 40-minute
drive from Boerne. Additionally, over 147,000 college students from over 25 institutions of
higher learning live within 50 miles of Boerne.

It’s easy to do business in Boerne and Kendall County. Low taxes, solid infrastructure,
economic development incentives and a well-educated workforce are just a few of the
resources we offer to help you fulfill your business needs. A fully fiber optic city,
Boerne offers you the necessary infrastructure your business needs to grow, including
ultra-high speed internet, as well as multiple electric providers, including solar options.

A growing economy, major market access, pro-business leadership, a skilled and reliable
workforce, incentives and tax advantages, as well as a quality community for your company and
its employees make Boerne and Kendall County the ideal location for your business.

The vibrant Texas Hill Country is the ideal backdrop for outdoor activities, the local culinary
scene and cultural attractions year-round. When you live and work in Boerne/Kendall County,
you will enjoy a robust housing market and affordable cost of living, award-winning public
schools and private school options, proximity to state-of-the-art healthcare, choices for higher
education, a wide variety of outdoor recreation, a historic town rich in heritage, a strong
commitment to the performing fine arts and preservation of the area’s history.

Texas is wide open for business, and Boerne/Kendall County is too. Let us show you why our
rapid growth, ideal location, pro-business climate and unmatched quality of life make
Boerne/Kendall County the perfect location to spur your company’s growth.

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