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Consider Expanding or Relocating Your Business to Brownfield

The City of Brownfield is the county seat and principal commercial center of Terry County, located on the South Plains of Texas between Lubbock and Odessa. The city population in 2010 was 9,657. The local economy has been historically based on agri-business (farming and related business and industry) and energy production (oil and gas), however, strong efforts to diversify the economy have been successful.

BIDCorp has given top priority to attracting and supporting enterprises which will result in job creation and retention of primary jobs. and which will result in “new dollars” being brought into the Brownfield area economy.

There are four types of projects that BIDCorp is UNABLE to fund: Commercial projects (except in blighted or development areas), park projects, retail projects, and professional services. One other exclusion is a project which has the primary purpose of furnishing facilities to the general public.

BIDCorp’s has given top priority to attracting and supporting the following enterprises:

  • -Agriculture
  • -Oil & Gas
  • -Manufacturing & Processing
  • -Industrial
  • -Distribution
  • -Regional Wholesale
  • -Service (relating to manufacturing, industrial, distribution and wholesaling)
  • -Technology Firms

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